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‘A Bunch of Lies’: Ben Carson Blasts CNN During CNN Interview

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson lashed out at CNN on Friday, calling the network a bunch of liars that are twisting his questionable past.

Carson often gloats about his violent past and how he overcame it to become the soft-spoken neurosurgeon that he is today.

Carson slammed CNN while offering a soundbite.

“This is a bunch of lies,” the leading Republican presidential candidate said. “It’s a bunch of lies. Attempting to say that I’m lying about my history. I think it’s pathetic.”

“But nine friends, classmates, and neighbors who grew up with Carson told CNN they have no memory of the anger or violence the candidate has described,” CNN’s Scott Glover and Maeve Reston reported. “No one challenged the stories directly. Some of those interviewed expressed skepticism, but noted that they could not know what had happened behind closed doors.”

“I’m not proud of the fact that I had these rage episodes, but I am proud of the fact that I was able to get over them,” Carson said Friday. “And my message has been that you can escape from that … If you choose to believe that I’m incapable of these acts, I guess that’s kind of a compliment to me.”

Business Insider reports:

He also accused CNN of trying to distract the public from the important issues.

“What the media does is they try and get you distracted by all this stuff so you don’t talk about the things that are important because we have so many important things,” he said. “It is just garbage. We have too many things that are important to deal with.”

During a Fox News interview Thursday night, Carson had said: “The media is ruthless. So I would say to the people of America: Do you think I’m a pathological liar like CNN does, or do you think I’m an honest person? And I’m going to leave that up to the American people.”

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