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Rubio: Ad With Kids Cursing Trump Is ‘Disgusting’

Sen. Marco Rubio may be feuding with Donald Trump, but that didn’t stop him from coming to his defense and dismissing the recent attack video created by Deport Racism 2016.

“As a father, it is a disgusting video,” he said of the clip released Wednesday by the Deport Racism PAC.

“What kind of parent lets their children go on a video like that and use that kind of profanity?” Rubio asked hosts Steve Doocy and Elizabeth Hasselbeck on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends.”

“They’re not bringing people to their side — they’re turning people off,” he added. “People look at that and say, ‘These people are grotesque.’”

The Hill reports:

Rubio, who is Cuban-American, said Deport Racism’s video paints a false picture of how Hispanics view illegal immigration.

“By the way, they’re creating this image where unless you’re in favor of illegal immigration, you’re anti-Hispanic,” he said. “That’s absurd.”

“There are millions of Hispanics who are waiting to come here legally and whose family members have been waiting for 10 years,” the GOP presidential candidate added. “They are upset that someone who came here illegally can come here faster and cheaper.”

Deport Racism released a profanity-laden video Wednesday spoofing Trump’s sharp rhetoric on illegal immigration.

It features two Hispanic children — “Ricardo” and “Rosa” — cursing out the real estate tycoon about his deportation policies.

“F— you, [you] racist f—,” Ricardo says to Trump. “If you don’t like the Constitution and what it stands for, then get the f— out of my country.”

The ad was released amid criticism from immigration advocates heading into Trump’s turn as host of “Saturday Night Live” this weekend.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus said Monday that it opposes NBC’s decision letting Trump host the popular sketch comedy series, given his remarks about illegal immigrants.

“The Congressional Hispanic Caucus urges NBCUniversal to stand by its earlier commitment to end its relationship with Mr. Trump because the value of ‘respect and dignity for all people’ are more important than ratings and ad revenues,” it said in a statement.

Trump has dismissed the criticism and argued that controversy would produce record ratings during his appearance Saturday night.

Photo credit: Teaparty.org.

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