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Donald Trump: Carson’s ‘Going to Have to Explain a Lot’

Even though Donald Trump is battling Ben Carson in the polls, he sympathized with his opponent and the way that the media is treating him in the recent weeks.

“I feel badly for Ben, I’ve gotten to like Ben, it’s a tough thing,” Trump said, adding that Carson is “going to have to explain a lot of things away: the scholarship situation, the dinner with (General William) Westmoreland when Westmoreland wasn’t there.”

NBC News reports:

Trump also rejected Carson’s theory the Egyptian pyramids were built to hold grain.

And on whether he thinks Carson’s rising poll numbers are a threat to his campaign, Trump responded, “I think everyone’s a threat to me, I look at all of these people, I like a lot of them, I respect a lot of them — I think everybody’s a threat.”

Of the crowds gathered outside 30 Rockefeller Center to protest his appearance on “SNL,” Trump claimed there were more protesters in favor of him outside the building than against him.

When asked if he was comfortable with the show mocking the Latino groups who protested him, Trump replied, “Not only comfortable, it was something I had to agree to, and I loved it.”

Trump added: “I’m doing great with Hispanics … I employ thousands of Hispanics, I’m going to bring jobs back for Hispanics, and we’re going to win the Hispanics.”

Photo credit: AP.

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