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Paul: Rubio and Hillary ‘the Same Person’

Does anyone remember Sen. Rand Paul. Some say he is still campaigning to become president, but his numbers in the poll tell a different story.

Paul suggested that Hillary Clinton and Sen. Marco Rubio are the same person and share the exact same political beliefs.

“I see her and Rubio as being the same person,” Paul said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “They both want a no-fly zone. They both have supported activity in Libya, the war in Libya that toppled [Libyan prime minister] Gaddafi, an intervention that made us less safe.”

“They both have supported the Iraq War, so, I mean, what’s the difference?” he asked.

The Hill reports:

He said Clinton is the candidate for president most likely to start a new war and described her as a “neoconservative.”

The Kentucky senator also took a shot at former vice president Dick Cheney, who has been critical of Paul’s foreign policy.

“Yeah, well you know, Dick Cheney has been wrong about most of the foreign policy over the last several decades,” Paul said. “The last time he was right was when he warned the first George Bush that it would be a mistake to topple Hussein because you’d have chaos and instability and you’d destabilize the region, which is exactly what happened after the Iraq War.”

Paul pointed to a poll that shows Republicans are in favor of decreasing U.S. involvement in foreign wars.

He also said Rubio will not be able to outrun the immigration-reform bill that he briefly supported in the Senate.

“He was a coauthor of the bill, I mean, it was a Rubio bill, it was a Rubio-Schumer bill, so he will have to explain it,” he said. “I think it will be a big part of things.”

Photo credit: A Libertarian Future.

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