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Rubio: Reductions in Defense Spending ‘Reckless’

Sen. Marco Rubio spewed the party line on Sunday, suggested that cutting the defense budget was reckless and dangerous.

“We need to get back to funding our defenses because it is the most important thing the federal government does,” Rubio said on Fox Business’s Mornings with Maria.

Rubio added that the defense budget didn’t cause the national debt to skyrocket, despite it absorbing a large part of the budget.

“Defense spending is not the reason why we have a debt. It’s not the driver of our national debt,” Rubio said. “Our national debt, especially long-term, is driven by mandatory spending programs that need to be reformed.”

The Hill reports:

Experts estimate Rubio’s plan to boost defense spending could cost upwards of $1 trillion over 10 years.

Rubio also called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “gangster” and said the international community needs to reinvigorate NATO to curb his expansionist military agenda.

“He’s a gangster, but he’s a rational, cost-benefit analysis guy,” Rubio said. “He makes decisions based on geopolitical realities, and in the case of Europe, the benefits of what he’s doing in Europe outweigh the costs that Russia now is bearing militarily as a result.”

See the video below:

Photo credit: CNN.

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