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Rand Paul: If Asked, I’ll Appear on ‘SNL’

Seeing the success that Donald Trump had on Saturday Night Live has forced Sen. Rand Paul to clarify that he would happily appear on the show.

Sadly, no one wants Paul on the show as he is an unimportant candidate at this point.

Paul made it clear that he would like to appear on the show to demonstrate that he isn’t a robot.

The Hill reports:

ITK caught up with the White House hopeful — days before Trump took a turn guest hosting “SNL” — at a book party in Washington celebrating the release of “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade and Don -Yaeger’s latest tome, “Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates.”
Going on “SNL,” says Paul, helps “to show you’re human and not a robot.”

“That’s why -Hillary went out, because there’s still lingering doubts,” he quipped.

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton appeared as “Val” the bartender in a sketch last month. But at least one White House contender has balked at making an “SNL” cameo.

“I think the presidency of the United States is a very serious thing,” Republican Ben Carson said in an October interview. “I don’t even want to begin to put it in the lightness of comedy.”

Even though Paul is a regular on cable news networks, he doesn’t necessarily have the best track record as a late-night guest.

“I’ve been on Colbert. I was on with Larry Wilmore,” Paul recalled. Then he added with a grin, “Salon called it the ‘most painful and awkward six minutes in the history of television.’”

Photo credit: Joe My God.


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