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Sanders Vows to Act on Immigration in First 100 Days If Elected

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has vowed to push immigration reform within his first 100 days, if elected.

“We cannot and must not sweep up millions of men, women and children, many of whom have been here for years, and throw them out of this country,” Sanders, a contender for the Democratic nomination, said Monday at a summit sponsored by The Nation and The Fair Immigration Reform Movement in Las Vegas.

“As president, passing a legislative solution to our broken immigration system will be a top priority. But let me be clear — I will not wait around for Congress to act.”

The Hill reports:

Sanders used his address at the pro-immigration reform summit to spell out a more detailed version of his plan.
Sanders wants to extend the Obama administration program halting deportations to include the parents of citizens and legal permanent residents, as well as others who would have been covered under a 2013 Senate immigration reform bill.

That bill died after the GOP-led House didn’t take it up.

His plan would grant “humane treatment and asylum” to domestic violence victims and unaccompanied children fleeing from Latin America. It would also address gender inequality in immigration policy, he said.

Sanders reiterated his call to stop the privatization of deportation centers and “inhumane” treatment at these centers.

“The growth of the immigrant detention, deportation machine and the expansion of broader militarization has perpetuated unjust policies and resulted in the separation of hundreds of thousands of immigrant families,” he said.

“The goal is to bring families together, not to separate them.”

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