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South Carolina Democratic poll: Clinton way ahead of Sanders

Hillary Clinton continues to maintain her lead over Bernie Sanders. The latest poll by Monmouth University has Clinton at a nearly 50 point lead over Sanders.

According to the results, Clinton netted 69 percent of the votes, while Sanders only scored 21 percent.

CNN reports:

The findings are similar to a poll released last week from Winthrop University, which found that likely primary voters were leaning toward Clinton with 71% of the vote. She had an even larger lead among African-American voters with 80% support in that poll.

As has been found in other polls, Clinton’s strength here stems partly from positive views of her among black Democratic primary voters. When asked which Democratic candidates would do a good job addressing the concerns of African-Americans, 75% of blacks said Clinton would, while only 40% said the same for Sanders.

Last month, Clinton met with Black Lives Matter activists to discuss race and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Monmouth University surveyed 400 South Carolina voters from November 4 to 9. The margin of error was 4.9% overall, 8.5% for whites and 6% for blacks.

Photo credit: Alternet

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