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Trump: Christie Could Have ‘a Place’ on My Ticket

A place on Donald Trump’s ticket is rare, and in Trump’s words, highly sought after.

If nominated, Trump suggested that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie could have a place on his ticket.

“[He is] a very good guy,” Trump said when asked about the fellow presidential candidate, according to NBC News.

“There could certainly be a place for him,” he added when a questioner floated Christie as Trump’s potential running mate in 2016.

The Hill reports:

Trump was appearing in Manchester, N.H.. for one of the Granite State’s Politics & Eggs events. NBC News said Wednesday that the business mogul addressed a wide range of policy issues.

Among the topics he discussed were education, immigration and even the National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA).

“Nothing [is] more important than higher education and education in general,” Trump said. “It’s so important to our economy.

“It’s great,” he said of NASA. “You know, in the old days, it was great.

“Right now we have bigger problems,” the real estate tycoon added. “We’ve got to fix our potholes.”

Christie and Trump both spent Tuesday night in Milwaukee for the fourth GOP presidential debate.

The two men were separated into different portions of the contest, however. Christie appeared in the undercard event because he did not meet Fox Business Network’s minimum polling threshold for the main stage.

The New Jersey governor made the most of his spot by fiercely criticizing Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton.

“I saw the most disgraceful thing of the campaign a few weeks ago,” Christie said. “Hillary Clinton was asked the enemy she was most proud of and she said, ‘Republicans.’

“In the world where we have al Qaeda and [the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria], the mullahs in Iran and [Russian President] Vladimir Putin, the woman who asks to run and represent all of the United States says her greatest enemies are people like you in this audience and us here,” he added, citing Clinton’s remarks during the first Democratic presidential debate on Oct. 13 in Las Vegas.

Trump, meanwhile, took center stage during the Republican contest’s main card in Milwaukee. He earned approximately 24 percent of the event’s Twitter traffic, edging out the seven other competitors on stage.

Photo credit: The Nation.

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