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Christie’s Warning to Black Lives Matter: ‘Don’t Call Me for a Meeting’

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is holding on by a single thread in the Republican race.

Known for his loudmouth style, Christie warned the Black Lives Matter movement that he wouldn’t accept any meetings with them.

“I want the Black Lives Matter people to understand: Don’t call me for a meeting,” he said, according to The New Jersey Star-Ledger. “You’re not getting one.”

“I think all lives matter,” Christie added during a town hall at Mickey’s Country Café in Bettendorf, Iowa.

“When a movement like that calls for the murder of police officers … no president of the United States should dignify a group like that by saying anything positive about them,” the Republican White House hopeful added.

“No candidate for president, like [Democratic front-runner] Hillary Clinton, should give them any credibility by meeting with them, as she’s done.”

The Hill reports:

Christie’s remarks came after an audience member asked how he would support law enforcement, the Star-Ledger reported. The questioner said she is the mother of two police officers.

After the question, Christie mocked Clinton for micromanaging the questions she encounters during her own town halls.

“It would be wrong for me to say who does town halls like that,” he said. “I shouldn’t say the person’s name, but her initials are Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

“We cannot let Hillary Rodham Clinton be the next president of the Untied States,” Christie later said.

“Give me the chance next November, and I will keep her so far away from the White House she will have to get a pass to visit,” he quipped.

Protesters representing Black Lives Matter have repeatedly interrupted 2016 presidential campaign events this year.

The social justice movement is pressuring White House hopefuls for action to improve racial equality and law enforcement relations with minorities.

Clinton, for example, faced interruptions from activists with the group during a rally in Atlanta late last month. The demonstrators eventually left after it became clear the former first lady planned on continuing.

“I appreciate their passion, but I’m sorry they didn’t listen, because some of what they’ve been demanding, I am offering and intend to fight for as president,” Clinton said during the Oct. 30 standoff.

Clinton met with Black Lives Matter leaders earlier this year before the incident. She has made ending racial profiling part of her platform for criminal justice reform.

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