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Donald Trump Blasts ‘Disgraceful’ Mizzou Protests: ‘Trump Should Have Been the Chancellor’

Donald Trump slammed the student protesters at the University of Missouri on Thursday during an interview on the Fox Business Network.

“I think it’s disgusting. I think it’s disgusting,” the Republican presidential candidate began when asked about the university.

“I think the two people that resigned are weak, ineffective people,” he said. “I think that when they resigned, they set something in motion that’s going to be a disaster for the next long period of time. They were weak, ineffective people.”

“Trump should have been the chancellor of that university. Believe me, there would have been no resignations.”

Business Insider reports:

He also slammed the “crazy” demands of the leading student-protest group, Concerned Student 1950, which, according to the Columbia Daily Tribune, are a list of sweeping actions to address racial tensions at the school.

Those included that the university increase its percentage of black faculty and staff on campus to 10%, a handwritten apology, and a mandatory “comprehensive racial awareness and inclusion curriculum” overseen by students and faculty of color.

“By the way, did you look at their demands?” Trump said on Fox Business. “Their demands are like crazy. The things that they are asking for, many of those things are like crazy. So it just disgraceful.”

Trump’s animosity to the group doesn’t come as a surprise. The mogul said in September that the broader Black Lives Matter movement was “looking for trouble.”

“I looked at a couple of the people that were interviewed from the group,” he said then during a Fox News interview. “I saw them with hate coming down the street last week talking about cops and police, and what should be done to them. And that was not good. And I think it’s a disgrace that they’re getting away with it.”

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