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Trump Blasts Wall Street Journal over ‘Third-Rate’ Editorial

A new day, a new target for Donald Trump. His latest victim was the Wall Street Journal after they released what he called a “third-rate” editorial.

“There’s so much misinformation, but you would think that a paper like The Wall Street Journal would call for clarification,” Trump said on “Fox and Friends.”

“But they don’t do that, they just write. That’s why they’re not a respected paper too much anymore,” Trump added.

The Hill reports:

The newspaper said in its editorial that, based on Trump’s comments in the fourth GOP debate Tuesday night about the trade pact, “it wasn’t obvious that he has any idea what’s in it.”

“I know it intimately, although it is 6,000 pages,” Trump responded on Fox News.

The newspaper also noted that Trump discussed Chinese currency manipulation, which he often does on the campaign trail.

“But it took Rand Paul to point out that China isn’t part of the deal and would be happy if the agreement collapsed so the U.S. would have less economic influence in Asia,” the Journal said.

“I know that China’s not in the deal,” Trump shot back in another interview Thursday morning on Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo. “I talk about it all the time.”

“The Wall Street Journal editorial board doesn’t know what they’re talking about. They’re third-rate,” Trump said, suggesting the head of the board “ought to resign.”

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