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Young Jeezy: Obama ‘Not the Change I Was Expecting’

Young Jeezy has come out against President Barack Obama, suggesting that his political platform wasn’t what he expected.

“I’ve seen a black president, but I didn’t see change,” he told Vulture in an interview released Thursday.

“[It is] not the change I was expecting,” Jeezy said of Obama. “Like everybody else, I thought we were going to wake up and it was going to all be better.

“I don’t question that some people have been affected by what he’s done, but some people weren’t,” the “Soul Survivor” artist added.

The Hill reports:

Jeezy next offered some tips that he said would help Obama make the most of his final time in the Oval Office.

“He has a little over a year left to turn up,” he said. “I’d like to see him get a little more aggressive with what’s going on.”

“We’ve got a lot of problems on our front lawns and we need to clean that up first,” the entertainer added.

Jeezy also described playing a concert in St. Louis after racial tensions began boiling over in nearby Ferguson, Mo., last year.

“[Michael Brown] had been killed two or three days prior,” he said, referencing the unarmed black teenager shot and killed by a white police officer in August 2014.

“It felt different, just not a good energy,” Jeezy said of the performance. “It was the worst show on the tour.”

Jeezy said he uses the incident as a way of teaching his son about the complicated relationship between minorities and police officers.

“I tell him straight up: ‘You see what’s going on out there? You have to make sure you’re good,’ ” he said.

“Anything a real father would tell their child: ‘It’s really real out here,’” Jeezy continued. “‘I’ve protected you and kept you out of the way of a lot of that just because of my knowledge of what really goes on in the streets.’

“ ‘Don’t stray out there on your own, get in trouble and get locked up because there’s nothing I can do then,’ ” Jeezy added. ” ‘Once they’ve got you in the system, you’re in it.’

“That’s my little dude, so I keep it real with him.”

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