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Poll: Clinton Clear Winner of Second Debate

With the second Democratic debate finished, post-debate polls have revealed that the majority of voters believe Hillary Clinton won.

According to a poll by Public Policy Polling (PPP), Clinton secured 67 percent of the votes, Sanders received 27 percent, and Martin O’Malley 7 percent.

The Hill reports:

Sixty three percent of viewers also said they had a more positive opinion of Clinton after the debate, according to PPP. Forty one percent said the debate gave them a more positive opinion of Sanders and 37 percent said they now have a more positive opinion of O’Malley.

The left-leaning polling firm found that Clinton is the clear favorite of Democrats when it comes to national security, a key focus in Saturday night’s debate, with 75 percent of respondents saying she’s the strongest candidate on that topic. Seventeen percent said the same about Sanders while 5 percent chose O’Malley.

PPP’s poll of 510 Democratic primary voters has a 4.3 percent margin of error.

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