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Warren Slams Push to Block Syrian Refugees

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is appalled by the reaction of several prominent Republicans who are turning their back on Syrian refugees following the recent Paris terror attacks.

“[Syrians are] terrified that the world will turn its back on them and their children. Some politicians have already moved in that direction, proposing to close our country to people fleeing the massacre in Syria,” Warren said. “That is not a real plan to keep us safe.”

She suggested that the United States has “a choice either to lead the world by example or to turn our backs to the threats and the suffering around us.”

The Hill reports:

Warren’s comments come as a growing number of her Republican colleagues, and some Democrats, are calling for a temporary halt to President Obama’s push to increase the number of refugees, including Syrian refugees, accepted into the country.

She also took a veiled shot at the Republican presidential field, where Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush have suggested refugee resettlement should focus on Christians.

Warren said that the United States isn’t a country that sends “children back into the hands of ISIS murderers because some politician doesn’t like their religion, and we are not a nation that backs down out of fear.”

Democrats have largely rallied around Obama’s plan in the wake of the Paris attacks, though Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) told reporters that “a pause may be necessary” but that he’s waiting for a briefing by the Obama administration Wednesday.

Warren added that the United States must have “adequate procedures” so refugees, including those who have traveled through Europe, don’t pose a risk to the United States.

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