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Willie Nelson on Trump: ‘I’d Smoke One with Anybody’

Willie Nelson loves marijuana. So much so, that he would be willing to smoke it up with Donald Trump.

Nelson suggested that he didn’t “have anything personally against” Trump and that he would “smoke one with anybody” on Thursday.

When asked if he thought Trump could become the next president, Nelson responded,“Well, stranger things have happened, I suppose.”

The Hill reports:

The 82-year-old singing legend, who was honored this week in Washington with the Library of Congress’s Gershwin Prize, added, “But I don’t have anything personally against Donald. I think he’s a great hustler. And as a brother hustler, I wish him well.”

“You know, he’s a great salesman. Whether that’ll make a good president or not, I don’t know.”

But Nelson’s take on the Syrian refugee crisis differs greatly from Trump’s stance. While Trump has said he feels “totally bad” for the refugees, he has expressed reluctance in permitting them entry into the United States.

“I don’t care about refugees — bring them on in,” Nelson told Baldwin. “I don’t care. I don’t care about borders.”

When the CNN correspondent noted that many governors would disagree, Nelson said of barring refugees, “Absolutely, it’s wrong. It’s what our big Statue of Liberty says, ‘Come on in.’”

See the exchange with CNN below:

Photo credit: Ouch Magazine.

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