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FOX News Poll: Trump Gains, Carson Slips, Cruz and Rubio Climb in GOP Race

Fox News rounded up the latest rankings for the Republican Party in their latest poll.

According to the data, Donald Trump holds the lead with 28 percent of the vote, while Ben Carson came in second with 18 percent, and Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio tied for third at 14 percent.

Fox News reports:

All others are in the low single digits: Jeb Bush gets 5 percent, while Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina, and Mike Huckabee each get 3 percent. John Kasich and Rand Paul receive 2 percent a piece.

Three key GOP constituencies put the four favorites in the upper-tier: the Tea Party, white evangelical Christians, and talk radio listeners.

Among GOP primary voters who are part of the Tea Party movement, Trump is the first choice (38 percent), followed by Cruz (30 percent). Carson (14 percent) comes in third — receiving less than half of Trump’s support. Rubio rounds out the quartet with 9 percent.

About a quarter of white evangelical Christians back Trump (25 percent) and Carson (24 percent), while Cruz gets 18 percent and Rubio receives 11 percent.

Cruz (31 percent) is the preferred pick among those who listen to conservative talk radio daily. Trump (24 percent), Rubio (16 percent) and Carson (11 percent) also get double-digit backing.

Photo credit: Biz Pac Review.

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