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Clinton Calling for Tax Break to Help Families Care for Ailing Relatives

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called for a tax break to help families care for their aging parents and grandparents on Sunday.

According to one of Clinton’s aides, the tax break would offset up to $6,000, providing middle-class families with a financial break.

The Hill reports:

The Clinton aide said that family members often spend time out of the workforce, cut back on hours, or use personal days, vacation, and family time to provide care. Family finances can be strained, the aide added, with caregivers suffering lost wages, health insurance, and Social Security benefits.

The aide called caregiving a “win-win for the family and for our overall health system,” saying it enables seniors to remain in their own homes, maintain independence and save costs while obtaining needed support.

Clinton will further detail proposals to cut middle-class taxes over the coming weeks and months, her campaign said.

Those cuts would be paid for “by a set of proposals Clinton supports in order to ensure the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share,” an aide said last week.

Clinton has previously called for the extension of the American Opportunity Tax Credit to help with college affordability and the creation of a new tax credit to help people deal with the rising out-of pocket healthcare costs.

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