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Poll: Over 6 in 10 Think Obama Lacks an ISIS Plan

Republicans have been waging war on President Barack Obama’s ISIS plan since the terrorist group rose in prominence. They have painted Obama as an ineffective leader and their opinions have extended to the majority of Americans.

A recent CBS News poll revealed that 66 percent of Americans believe that Obama lacks a clear plan to deal with ISIS.

The Hill reports:

Support for sending U.S. ground troops overseas to combat ISIS is also growing, pollsters found. Half of Americans now favor that outcome, a rise of 4 points since August.

Most Americans — 63 percent — are convinced U.S. boots on the ground are unavoidable for ultimately defeating ISIS.

Just 20 percent think airstrikes alone can eliminate the radical Islamist organization.

Monday’s poll also discovered Americans are nearly split over whether the U.S. should open its borders for Syrian refugees.

About 50 percent reject accepting displaced Syrians, versus 47 percent who would admit refugees under stricter screening measures.

Approximately 78 percent, meanwhile, say more rigorous vetting methods are necessary for the refugee system now.

President Obama has promised that the U.S. will let in at least 10,000 Syrian refugees by next year.

That plan is under fierce scrutiny, however, following the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in Paris that killed 130 people and wounded more than 300 others.

The House voted last week that the U.S. should halt Obama’s refugee resettlement program until incoming Syrians can be properly assessed for potential terrorist threats.

Reports have emerged that one of the attackers in Paris entered Europe by posing as a refugee and using a Syrian passport.

CBS News conducted its latest sampling of 1,205 adults nationwide via cell and landline telephone from Nov. 19 to Nov. 22.

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