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Trump: ‘It Is Highly, Highly, Highly, Highly Unlikely’ I Will Use Nukes

The mere thought of Donald Trump having control over a nuclear payload is terrifying in its own right, but do not worry! Trump himself made it clear that he wouldn’t use them.

“I wouldn’t be nuking anybody,” Trump said in a GQ interview published online Monday when asked if he would be scared to nuke countries if he considered it justified.

“It is highly, highly, highly, highly unlikely that I would ever be using them,” Trump said.

The Hill reports:

Several GOP candidates have publicly questioned Trump’s temperament for the White House, with rival former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush remarking last month on CNN that he had “grave doubts” about the celebrity businessman having his hand on the nation’s nuclear codes.

Republicans have pointed to Trump’s combativeness and controversial rhetoric on a range of domestic and international issues to argue he’s unfit to be commander in chief.

Trump, who has long described himself as a “counter puncher,” suggested in his GQ interview that he would be less bellicose as president.
“I would imagine I would be quite a bit different. I would feel differently about things as a president. Right now, I’m fighting a lot of people. As a president I would be more measured,” Trump said.

“I wouldn’t change much, but I think I would probably tone down the rhetoric, perhaps. And perhaps not. Depends on who it was that I was speaking about. We have some bad dudes out there,” he added.

Photo credit: Christian Today.

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