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Ivanka Trump: ‘I’m a Daughter, Not a Clone’

Ivanka Trump distanced herself from her father’s political rhetoric during an interview on Wednesday.

“I’m a daughter, not a clone,” she told host Amy Robach on Wednesday’s “Good Morning America.” “There are times when I’ve disagreed with him.

“We discuss a lot of things,” she added of the GOP presidential front-runner. “He’s one of my closest friends, in addition to my mentor.”

The Hill reports:

Ivanka Trump also expressed admiration for her father’s ongoing popularity with voters since launching his White House run last summer.

“I’m actually not at all surprised,” she said. “When he applies himself with this level of focus … he typically prevails.

Donald Trump has upended the race for next year’s Republican presidential nomination with his political incorrectness and outsider appeal. The New York business mogul has weathered backlash over his public remarks on topics ranging from illegal immigration to media coverage of his campaign.

He made headlines for suggesting last weekend that thousands of Muslim Americans in New Jersey celebrated the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The businessman has additionally taken fire for publicly feuding with multiple women in the limelight, including Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly and comedian Rosie O’Donnell.

Ivanka Trump said Wednesday that Americans are still evolving on how they perceive different gender stereotypes.

“Nobody says, ‘a working man,’ but they say, ‘a working woman,’ ” she said. “And there is a strange connotation to that. I find that often times a conversation focused on gender can get very polarizing.”

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