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White House Fence Jumper Detained

The White House was on alert when Joseph Caputo, cloaked with an American flag, jumped the fence, and charged towards the White House as the Obama’s ate their Thanksgiving dinner.

Caputo jumped the fence at the North Lawn around 2:45 p.m. He was quickly apprehended by the Secret Service.


CNN reports:

Caputo allegedly was at least the third person in 2015 to scale a fence and make it on to White House property. While most are quickly captured, a 42-year-old Iraq war veteran in September 2014 ran through the main floor past a stairway that leads up to the first family’s residence before he was subdued by Secret Service agents in the East Room.

The fence scaled Thursday had recently been outfitted with 7-inch steel spikes to deter such occurrences.

Toddler causes security breach at White House

Criminal charges are pending, according to Hoback.

Photo credit: ABC News.

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