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Sanders Supporters Release ‘Feel the Bern’ Anthem

Supporters of Bernie Sanders have released an official “Feel the Bern” anthem in support of the Democratic presidential candidate.

Sanders is campaigning on a progressive platform that seeks to establish equality for several demographics in American society.

Songwriter Alex Ebert and filmmaker Josh Fox created the anthem to help the candidate receive the exposure he deserves.

“The Bern, the Bern. Feel the Bern, feel the heat, in our lives,” the folksy singers croon in the video that also features clips of Sanders, released Monday. “No more lyin’, no more empty talk,” the song continues.

“I felt like Bernie presented the first opportunity for me to feel honest in writing a sing-along in the simple tradition of social movements focused on a presidential candidate,” Ebert said in a statement. “The intention is for the verses to be improvised and changed as circumstances dictate, with only the choruses are the consistent refrain.”

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Photo credit: Common Dreams.

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