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Paul Ryan: ‘Clearly We Can Do More’ to Address Mental Health Issues

In a surprise move, House Speaker Paul Ryan called on Congress to address mental health issues.

“Clearly we can do more,” Ryan said Tuesday, adding, “one common denominator in these tragedies is mental illness. That’s why we need to look at fixing our nation’s mental health system.”

Ryan discussed the recent Planned Parenthood shooting, calling it “appalling” and calling for swift justice.

CNN reports:

There is no evidence from law enforcement authorities that the suspected shooter, Robert Dear, suffered from a mental illness, and no clear indication yet on a motive. But according to a law enforcement official briefed on the matter, Dear did mention “baby parts” to investigators and also expressed anti-government views and anti-abortion views.

The Speaker pointed to legislation crafted by Pennsylvania GOP Rep. Tim Murphy, a clinical psychologist, that overhauls the mental health system and aims to get treatment earlier to those who could pose a danger to others. Murphy’s bill is currently being considered by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, but some House GOP members want additional changes made to it before the House votes on it.

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