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Clinton: Trump Pushing GOP Field in ‘Deeply Distressing’ Direction

Hillary Clinton can’t help but laugh at Donald Trump and the way in which he is accelerating the demise of the Republican Party.

On Sunday, she warned voters that Trump was galvanizing conservatives in a “deeply distressing” way.

“He’s not the only one saying things that are deeply distressing. A lot of the others are kind of Trump 2,” she said on ABC’s “This Week.” “The Republicans in their presidential nominating process have a lot to answer for.”

“If he gets the nomination, I will be more than happy to campaign against him,” she said.

The Hill reports:

Clinton laughed at the mere mention of Trump’s name by host George Stephanopoulos, adding, “I’m sorry, I can’t help it.”

She credited Trump’s rise in the polls to his celebrity, and acknowledged that his politically incorrect style can hold a certain appeal among some voters.

“He’s a reality TV star. Tens of millions of people have watched him for more than a decade on TV. He’s part of the celebrity culture, and he will say whatever he wants to say,” she said.

Photo credit: IB Times.

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