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Poll: Majority Says Trump is Hurting GOP Brand

The latest poll by MSNBC/Telemundo/Marist shows that Donald Trump is seen as a detriment to the Republican Party.

In fact, 58 percent of adults believe he has damaged the GOP’s reputation, while 24 percent say that he is helping. Accounting for Republican voters, 43 percent say he is damaging the party, while 40 percent stand by the candidate.

NBC News reports:

In contrast, 35 percent of all adults say that Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton is hurting her party’s image, while 32 percent say she is helping it.

Republicans still give Trump relatively high marks for style, with 71 percent dubbing Trump’s rhetoric as “telling it like it is.” A quarter of Republicans, on the other hand, say that Trump’s words are “insulting and offensive.”

But among all Americans, about half – 52 percent – say his language is offensive, while 43 percent say he’s “telling it like it is.”

The split between Republicans and all Americans is also evident in Trump’s favorability ratings.

Fifty-seven percent of Republicans view him favorably, compared to just 23 percent who view him unfavorably. But among all adults, Trump has a 27 percent positive/ 55 percent negative rating.

And two-thirds of Latinos – 67 percent – have a negative view of Trump, with 55 percent saying their view is very negative. Just 17 percent of Latinos give him a thumbs up.

Trump fares the worst of any 2016 candidate polled on favorability measures, both with all adults and with Latinos.

Among all adults

  • Carson: +33%/-28% (Net: +5 percent)
  • Rubio: +26%/-23% (Net: +3 percent)
  • Clinton: +41%/-44% (Net: -3 percent)
  • Cruz: +23%/-29% (Net: -6 percent)
  • Bush: +22%/-40% (Net: -18 percent)
  • Trump: +27%/-55% (Net: -28 percent)
    Among just Latinos
  • Clinton: +51%/-30% (Net: +21 percent)
  • Rubio: +27%/-19% (Net: +8 percent)
  • Carson: +24%/-20% (Net: +4 percent)
  • Cruz: +21%/-27% (Net: -6 percent)
  • Bush: +23%/-34% (Net: -11 percent)
  • Trump: +17%/-67% (Net: -50 percent)

Photo credit: Gawker.

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