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Warren Backs Clinton’s Wall Street Call

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, in a rare showing, supported Hillary Clinton’s criticisms towards Republicans and their pro-Wall Street budget deal.

Warren has long been an opponent of Wall Street, calling for extensive reform to keep America’s money machine in check.

“Secretary Clinton is right to fight back against Republicans trying to sneak Wall Street giveaways into the must-pass government funding bill,” she wrote on Facebook.

“Whether it’s attacking the [Consumer Financial Protection Bureau], undermining new rules to rein in unscrupulous retirement advisers, or rolling back any part of the hard-fought progress we’ve made on financial reform, she and I agree.”

The Hill reports:

“Republicans, both in Congress and on the campaign trail, are dead-set on rolling back critical financial protections,” Clinton wrote.

“President Obama and congressional Democrats should do everything they can to stop these efforts.”

Clinton added that as president, she’d veto legislation that “would weaken financial reform” while also pushing for “tough new rules, stronger enforcement and more accountability that go well beyond Dodd-Frank.”

Warren has tried to remain neutral during the Democratic primary, though the prospect of a candidate endorsement from the popular senator is seen as a key. 

In addition to Monday’s praise of Clinton’s ideas, she recently lauded Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), pushing back against the suggestion that he’s hit a wall at the polls.

“Bernie is doing what Bernie always does — he’s out there talking from the heart, raising the issues that he’s raised for decades now,” Warren told the Boston Herald on Saturday. “That’s just who he is.”
She added that “it’s just not time” for her to endorse a specific primary candidate.

Many major progressive groups, including MoveOn.org and Democracy for America, had launched draft movements to convince Warren to run before backing off after she repeatedly ruled out running. Her departure has prompted Sanders to fill the void as the progressive alternative to Clinton, and the Ready for Warren draft group spun off earlier this year to back Sanders. 

Warren remains a key figure in the race, even from the sidelines, as many ascribe Clinton’s tack toward more progressive stances as partly influenced by Warren and Sanders.

But she was the only Democratic female senator to skip a fundraiser with Clinton last week and is the only member of the Massachusetts congressional delegation who hasn’t endorsed Clinton.

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