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Bernie Sanders to Donald Trump: ‘That Kind of Crap Won’t Work in the U.S.’

Bernie Sander took a shot at Donald Trump on Tuesday’s episode of The Daily Show. Sanders called out the Republican candidate for his racist rhetoric.

“What somebody like a Trump is trying to do is to divide us up — a few months ago, we’re supposed to hate Mexicans,” Sanders said. “Now we’re supposed to hate Muslims. That kind of crap is not going to work in the United States of America.”

“I look forward to beating Donald Trump — I would enjoy that race very, very much.”

“I get really upset at many of my Republican colleagues who refuse to even acknowledge the reality of climate change, let alone come up with solutions,” he said.

“Here’s the story — if we don’t get our act together on climate change, and transform our energy system away from fossil fuel, to energy efficiency and sustainable energy, there is no doubt that the planet that we are going to be leaving our kids and grandchildren will be much less habitable than the planet that we enjoy.”

Photo credit: Mother Jones.

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