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George Takei: Trump Would ‘Make America Disgraced Again’

George Takei slammed Donald Trump on Tuesday for his outrageous comments against Muslims.

“What Donald Trump is talking about is something that’s going to make America disgraced again,” Takei said Tuesday on “MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts.”

“It’s ironic that he made that comment on December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day, the very event that put us in those internment camps,” Takei said.

“They found that it was three things that brought it about,” Takei said of the camps. “One was racial hysteria, second was war hysteria and third was failure of political leadership.

“Donald Trump is the perfect example of that failure,” the “Star Trek” performer added.

The Hill reports:

Trump suggested a temporary freeze on admitting Muslims within the homeland late Monday. He argued that the measure is necessary for preventing violence inspired by radical Islam.

The outspoken billionaire dismissed comparisons with former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his World War II policies.

“I am not proposing that,” Trump said of internment camps on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “This is a whole different thing.”

Photo credit: Salon.

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