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Spike Lee: Keep Trump Away from Nuclear Codes

Spike Lee is terrified of a potential Donald Trump presidency and has called on the government to keep the nuclear codes out of his hands at all costs.

“That’s scary. It’s even scarier if he … I don’t want Trump anywhere near that box. Nowhere near it,” Lee told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour as he broke out in laughter.

The Hill reports:

Trump said in an interview last month that “it is highly, highly, highly, highly unlikely” he would use nuclear weapons should he become president.

The celebrity real estate tycoon faced a barrage of criticism this week after proposing that Muslims, except U.S. citizens abroad, be barred from entering the U.S. amid terrorism fears.

“What would it say to the world if Trump got elected?” Lee asked during the CNN interview. Lee has previously blasted Trump’s other remarks on closing mosques, drawing parallels with Hitler.

“When we go around the world saying, ‘We’re the beacon of democracy’ and you know, with the Constitution and human rights and all that stuff, and that he’s the president?” Lee asked this week.

Photo credit: Hollywood Reporter.

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