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Trump ‘Postpones’ Israel Trip After Netanyahu Criticism

If you live in Israel and were excited to see Donald Trump, think again, the Republican presidential candidate has cancelled his trip after facing criticism from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The original trip was scheduled for December 28, but after hearing of Trump’s anti-Muslim comments, Netanyahu’s office condemned the candidate.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu rejects Donald Trump’s recent remarks about Muslims,” according to a statement issued by the prime minister’s office.


“The State of Israel respects all religions and strictly guarantees the rights of all its citizens. At the same time, Israel is fighting against militant Islam that targets Muslims, Christians and Jews alike and threatens the entire world,” the statement said.

CNN reports:

Trump explained later Thursday morning that he did not want to place Netanyahu “under pressure.”

“He said we have a meeting and he looks forward to the meeting and all of that. But I didn’t want to put him under pressure,” Trump said on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “I also did it because I’m in the midst of a very powerful campaign that’s going very well, and it was not that easy to do. I would say lots of different reasons, I could have done it, it was semi-scheduled.”

Trump refused to confirm the meeting when asked about it by CNN’s Don Lemon Wednesday.

“I’m just going to Israel some time before the end of the year, I’m going to Israel, but I’m not saying who I’m meeting with,” Trump said.

Photo credit: IB Times.

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