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Trump: Clinton Has Caused ‘so Many Deaths’

Donald Trump blamed Hillary Clinton for killing a lot of people while she served as Secretary of the State.

“She’s caused so many deaths,” Trump said in a Saturady morning interview with “Fox & Friends.” “You look at so many decisions that she made that were so bad, so horrible.”

The Hill reports:

The billionaire businessman’s claim echoes his 2016 rivals and Republlican Party at large, which claims Clinton’s tenure in the Obama administration made the world more dangerous.

Trump was responding to Clinton’s criticism of his controversial call to block Muslim immingrants and her recent insistence on preaching “love and kindness.”

The GOP’s 2016 front-runner played down the chances of a brokered Republican convention. Trump said that despite recent reports, he doesn’t think party leaders will need to cut a deal to find a nominee.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen for a very simple reason: I’m going to get a majority,” said Trump. “If I win Iowa, I can clean the table.”

He also played down a feud with GOP presidential rival Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). Trump jabbed Cruz at a Friday rally in Des Moines, claiming not a lot of Evangelicals come out of Cuba — a reference to Cruz’s heritage and strong support among religious voters — and accusing Cruz of opposing a federal ethanol mandate because he was beholden to oil.

But Saturday, Trump insisted he was just “having a little fun with Ted,” and said doesn’t think the friendship is dead yet.

“We’ve had a very good relationship, but I’m sure it will end because he’s got to come after me at some point. I’m leading by a lot,” said Trump. “But I like him, I think he likes me and we’ve had some fun on the trail.”

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