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Ted Cruz: Obama Is Forcing Americans to ‘Submit’ to Him by Banning Anti-Muslim Speech

Ted Cruz took a moment to bash President Barack Obama, before heading into the GOP debate on Tuesday night.

In a video address, Cruz came to the defense of Frank Gaffney and his fake statistics and criticized Obama for asking Americans to “submit” to him in his call for a ban against anti-Muslim speech.

“Frank Gaffney has been attacked over and over again for having the courage to stand up and speak the name ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ of the enemy that is waging jihad against us,” Cruz said.

Raw Story reports:

The Republican senator is fond of attacking the president for not saying the words “radical Islamic terrorism” in that order, which seems to be a signal that Obama may be a radical Islamic terrorist himself.

Cruz has previously warned that Democratic lawmakers would “repeal the First Amendment” — and he told another whopper about an alleged plot to limit free speech.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch told a Muslim group recently that the Justice Department would “take action” when rhetoric against Muslims “edges towards violence” — but she later clarified that federal authorities “prosecute deeds and not words.”

Cruz casually lied that Lynch had imposed a “ban on anti-Muslim rhetoric, what she considers rhetoric against radical Islamic terrorists.”

He warned Islamophobic attendees that Obama would use the ban to force Americans to “submit” to his administration.

The presidential candidate and junior Texas senator laid some of the blame for the San Bernardino shootings on the supposed ban, saying it had a “chilling effect” on a neighbor who said he did not report his suspicions about the Muslim couple because he did not want to racially profile them.

Lynch made her remarks in response to anti-Muslim sentiment in the wake of those fatal shootings.

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