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Trump Audience Member Yells Nazi Salute as Protester Removed From Las Vegas Rally

Violence is becoming the norm at Donald Trump’s campaign rallys. At a recent one in Las Vegas, Trump’s audience turned on several Black Lives Matter protesters, screaming, pushing, and shoving them in the process.

As one man was removed, Trump’s supporters called for violence.

“Shoot him!” “Kick his ass,” and “Light the motherf—-r on fire!” they shouted.

“Sieg heil!” screamed another man, as he watched the protester get removed from the event.

This wasn’t the only instance of violence and racism. Another man was removed, prompting one member of the crowd to accuse him of being a Muslim.

NBC reports:

Trump took the interruptions in stride and complained that they were the only way to get media outlets to turn their cameras towards his crowds to show off their size.

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Trump Protester Removed After Disrupting Rally 1:30
The confrontation at Trump’s rally comes on the eve of the final televised prime time Republican presidential debate of the year. Trump, who is the GOP field’s front runner according to a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, is expected to be a target once again when nine top Republican candidates take the stage in Las Vegas Tuesday night.

See the video below:

Photo credit: ABC / John Locher.

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