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Graham calls out GOP for ‘unhealthy’ dislike of Obama

Sen. Lindsey Graham criticized the Republican Party for their unhealthy obsession with attacking President Barack Obama.

“To those people that believe Obama is a Muslim and was born in Kenya I’ve lost ya a long time ago,” Graham said before continuing, “There’s a dislike for President Obama in my party that’s unhealthy. There was a dislike for President Bush in the Democratic Party that was unhealthy.”

Graham praised Obama, calling him “my president” and said that he talked with him about working with the new prime minister of Iraq.

“I think he has screwed this up 10 ways to Sunday, but Bush made his fair share of mistakes too,” Graham said.

Politico reports:

The comments about Bush come after Graham made a passionate case at the debate for Bush’s leadership.

“George W. Bush made mistakes, but he did adjust. I blame Obama for ISIL, not Bush. I’m tired of beating on Bush,” Graham said. “I miss George W. Bush. I wish you were President right now. We wouldn’t be in this mess.”

Photo credit: YouTube.

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