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Sanders, Killer Mike Discuss Socialism

Sen. Bernie Sanders met with rapper Killer Mike yesterday to discuss his platform, race, and socialism.

Killer Mike, born Michael Render, endorsed Sanders last month and introduced him at a large event in Atlanta.

Render suggested that “compassionate capitalism” was what Americans needed.

“People of my community, my ethnic community, haven’t had an opportunity to hear you say, ‘These are the things I think,’” Render said to Sanders. “So what is socialism and what does it mean to the black community?”

Sanders described how all Americans should be born with equal “economic rights.”

“To be truly free you need economic rights. … You can go out and give a speech, but if you don’t have any food in your stomach, if you don’t have a house, a roof over your head, if you don’t have any education, are you really free?,” Sanders asked.

The Hill reports:

Render has emerged as one of Sanders’s most high-profile backers. He endorsed the senator over the summer, saying he was first attracted to Sanders’s support for restoring the Voting Rights Act.

Render has since met with Sanders on a handful of occasions and introduced him at a rally in Atlanta earlier this month.

See the video below:

Photo credit: The Daily Beast.

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