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Chris Christie: Russia ‘Stealing Our Lunch Money’

Chris Christie trumpeted the classic Republican argument that President Barack Obama has been taken advantage of by Russia on Wednesday.

If elected, Christie suggested that he would be willing to down Russian planes that violate his no-fly zone.

“The fact is Russia’s been stealing our lunch money the entire time from the Obama administration,” Christie said Wednesday on “CBS This Morning.”

CNN reports:

Christie was asked about comments he made in Tuesday night’s GOP debate, where he said he would shoot down a Russian plane if it flew into a no-fly zone he would establish in Syria as president.

CBS host Charlie Rose pressed Christie about the plan given that Russia is an ally, citing Secretary of State John Kerry as saying the U.S. should work with Russia.

“That makes me absolutely certain I’m right if the secretary of state thinks that,” Christie said. “ISIS is simply not being attacked by Russia. Russia is in Syria along with Iran to prop up (President Bashar) Assad.”

The presidential candidate said he would make “very clear” rules of engagement, telling Russia if they violate the airspace their “pilot would get shot down.”

He dismissed his opponent, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s assertion that Christie would start World War III — saying it’s already here. And the brash governor stood by his bellicosity towards Russia.

“That’s the definition of a no-fly zone,” Christie said. “If that offends folks in the U.N. crowd, I’m sorry, but America needs to assert itself again.”

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