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Marco Rubio Keeps up Heat on Ted Cruz After Debate

Sen. Marco Rubio challenged Sen. Ted Cruz during Tuesday night’s GOP debate.

Desperate to pass Cruz in the polls, Rubio decided to ramp up his attacks on the Texan senator.

“On the national defense of this country, he talks very tough about how we’re going to make sand glow in the desert. The problem is you can only do that if you have an Air Force and we’re gonna be left with the oldest, smallest Air Force we’ve ever had. And that would only be accelerated by a budget he supports,” Rubio said on Fox News.

CNN reports:

The fight between Rubio and Cruz took center stage at the fifth Republican debate, elevating a long-anticipated battle in the Republican field. Rubio knocked Cruz Tuesday night, accusing him of voting in favor a law, the USA Freedom Act, which the Florida Republican said deprived intelligence agencies of tools for tracking terrorists. But Cruz fired back on stage, saying that the law actually “strengthened” the U.S. government’s hand.

It was their exchange on immigration — with Cruz blasting Rubio for supporting the “Gang of Eight” immigration reform bill, and Rubio hitting back alleging Cruz supports amnesty for undocumented immigrants — which drew the most attention.

But Rubio also parried New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Wednesday, who knocked both first-term senators comparing them to President Barack Obama, who was a freshman senator when he took office.

“That’s a cute line by Chris Christie,” Rubio said Wednesday. “Barack Obama hasn’t failed because he’s a one-term senator, he now has seven years of presidential experience and he’s still making mistakes. He’s worse today than he was when he first got there.”

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