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Trump: ‘Disloyal’ Hillary Threw Sanders Under the Bus

Donald Trump, the king of turning on his own party, has blasted Hillary Clinton for turning on Bernie Sanders.

The Hill reports:

At the first Democratic presidential debate in October, Sanders said he was “sick and tired” of hearing about the FBI investigation into the private email server Clinton held while secretary of State. Trump at the time called the move a “big mistake.”

The Clinton campaign on Friday alleged that Sanders’ campaign may have broken the law after the data breach.

“This is totally unacceptable and may have been in violation of the law,” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said.

“There may be damage here that can’t be undone, and I hope the Sanders campaign will acknowledge what they did, but we need assurances as soon as possible that they can’t continue to do more damage,” he continued.

The Sanders campaign said it notified the Democratic National Committee (DNC) of a glitch that allowed campaigns to access rival candidates’ voter data two months ago. They said they immediately fired the staffer responsible for the breach.

The DNC initially suspended the Sanders campaign from accessing its own voter database, but after Sanders sued the party Friday, both sides came to an agreement overnight that restored his access to the data.

Sanders has accused the DNC of rigging the primary election in favor of Clinton.

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