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Sanders Wins Dem Debate on Social Media

If it weren’t for the Sunday morning headlines, most Americans wouldn’t even know that the Democratic debate occurred last night.

Regardless, preliminary results from a post-debate poll have revealed that a large portion of Americans think Bernie Sanders won the debate.

According to the numbers, 44 percent of Americans chose Sanders, 44 percent Hillary Clinton, and 12 percent Martin O’Malley.

The Hill reports:

Clinton, however, had to the most-tweeted moment when she closed the debate. “May the force be with you,” she said.

Sander’s and Clinton’s exchange on corporate America was the next most-tweeted moment.

Asked whether, after the 2008 election, corporate America should still love her, Clinton replied, “Everybody should.”

“CEOS of large multinationals may like Hillary,” Sanders responded to the same question. “They ain’t gonna like me. And Wall Street is gonna like me even less.”

See Clinton’s Star Wars reference below:

Photo credit: KWCH.

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