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Sanders: DNC Not Treating Me Fairly

The drama between Sen. Bernie Sanders and the DNC continues to heat up.

On Sunday, Sanders criticized the DNC for favoring Hillary Clinton in the way they handled the recent voter data breach.

“On two occasions now, Chuck, in the last three months, breaches have occurred as a result of the incompetence of DNC venders, there’s two separate venders,” he added. “And then what happened is, you know, the first time, our staff said, ‘Hey, we got information from the Clinton campaign.’”

The Hill reports:

Sanders added that his campaign did not intentionally try to take voter information compiled by Clinton’s campaign.

“As a result of a breach caused by the DNC vender, not by us, information came into our campaign about the Clinton campaign,” he said. “We did not go out and take it.”

The DNC suspended the Sanders campaign from accessing their own voter information over the breach, but restored his access after the campaign sued the party.

Sanders said the party’s response to the incident was a “complete overreaction.”

“Second time, some of our staff screwed up, and I apologized for that,” he said. “But to shut off our access to our own information, to significantly hinder our campaign was a complete overreaction and that was absolutely wrong.”

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