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Henry Rollins: Trump Doesn’t Really Want the Presidency — He’s ‘a Bored Rich Guy Just Being Crass’

Author and singer Henry Rollins admitted what we are all thinking on Monday. He said that Donald Trump wasn’t interested in being president, but instead, was a rich man that was looking for something to do.

“Trump, one day he held up his cellphone and said, ‘Here’s Lindsey Graham’s number!’ I could not not laugh,” Rollins was quoted as saying. “That was FUNNY. He would be a disastrous president, but at the same time I don’t think he wants to be president. I think he’s a bored rich guy just being crass.”

“This country, our heels are dug in in the past, we’re prehistoric. And that’s where Trump is getting off,” he said. “There are people who do think the president is coming for their guns. They are afraid of Muslims. They are afraid of Latinos. ‘They’re taking our jobs!’ Dude, you don’t want to sell oranges under the 101 … Donald Trump says those are the bad ones. Really? I think they’re the salt of the Earth. You should shut up.”

Raw Story reports:

Rollins has expressed support for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), calling him a “true statesman.” but said he would most likely lose the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination to Hillary Clinton, who he said would be “astonishingly mediocre” despite being brilliant.

“Obviously you can’t sell him to the Midwest or the South,” Rollins said of Sanders. “But I just think he’s the best guy running. His concepts are way too radical for America in terms of health care and all that, but I don’t think any of his ideas are threatening. I don’t think any of them would be bad. I don’t think he wants the next war.”

Photo credit: The Guardian.

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