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In Blockbuster Poll, Sanders Destroys Trump by 13 Points

Sen. Bernie Sanders may currently be trailing Hillary Clinton, but that doesn’t mean he can’t beat Donald Trump in a head-to-head matchup.

The latest poll by Quinnipiac has revealed that Sanders beat Trump 51 to 38.

The Hill reports:

It is noteworthy that in this Quinnipiac poll, Sanders runs so much stronger than Clinton against Trump. It is also noteworthy and important that both Sanders and Clinton run so far ahead of Trump in general election match-up polling. And it is profoundly important and revealing that Sanders would defeat Trump by such a huge margin — 13 points in this poll — that analysts would be talking about a national political realignment and new progressive era in American history if an enlightened candidate such as Sanders would defeat a retrograde race-baiting candidate such as Trump by a potentially epic and historic margin.

It is time for the mainstream media to end their obsession with Trump and their virtual news blackout of the Sanders campaign when discussing presidential campaign polling.

How about, from now on, when any analyst on television discusses how strong Trump allegedly is, that it be emphasized that this strength is only within the GOP, and that in a general election, the real heavyweight champion of presidential polling is Bernie Sanders, not Donald Trump!

Photo credit: The Hill.

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