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Kasich Wants an End to Gerrymandering in Ohio

John Kasich is looking to enact policy that will end gerrymandering in Ohio.

“I support redistricting reform dramatically,” the Republican presidential candidate said last week, according to the Columbus Dispatch. “This will be something I’m going to do whether I’m elected president or whether I’m here. We carve these safe districts, and then when you’re in a safe district you have to watch your extremes, and you keep moving to the extremes.”

Kasich recognizes that gerrymandering has created illogical districts which are designed to provide both parties with unjustified political victories in elections.

“We need to eliminate gerrymandering,” Kasich said. “We’ve got to figure out a way to do it. We’ve got to have more competitive districts. That, to me, is what’s good for the state of Ohio and good for the country.”

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Photo credit: The Daily Banter.

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