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CNN’s Michaela Pereira Destroys Trump’s Attack on Hillary: ‘She Is a Woman, It’s Not a Card’

CNN’s Michaela Pereira tore into Donald Trump on Monday, attacking him for his claim that Hillary Clinton is relying on the woman card to gain support.

“So yes, in fact, the issue is really Hillary Clinton and her treatment of women,” said Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord.

“Trump also accused Clinton of using the so-called women’s card,” Pereira noted. “I wasn’t issued one of those apparently. Why is mentioning the possibility of sexism on the campaign trail tantamount to Clinton calling the gender card?”

“She is going to play this card,” Lord replied. “It’s an obvious card to play, let’s be candid.”

“Is it?” Pereira shot back. “Is it a card? She is a woman, it’s not really a card.”

“Right, she is a woman,” Lord stuttered. “I mean, she is the woman going around saying isn’t it time for a woman president.”

“A lot of people would say amen to that,” Pereira observed.

“Well, okay, that’s the woman card right there,” Lord opined.

See the video below:

Photo credit: Huffington Post.

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