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Trump: Bill Clinton ‘Did a Very Poor Job’ for Hillary in 2008

Donald Trump blasted Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton on Tuesday, suggesting that Bill failed to get his wife elected in 2008.

“He was not very good for her,” Trump told host Savannah Guthrie Tuesday on NBC’s “Today.” “He did very, very poorly. He failed in 2008 — he failed really badly. He frankly did a very poor job in campaigning.”

“If he’s going to be out there campaigning, he’s certainly fair game,” he said. “I think just about everybody agrees with me on that.”

The Hill reports:

The outspoken billionaire added he is not holding back from discussing the former president’s extramarital indiscretions, real or imagined.

“Is that alleged?” he asked Guthrie when she used the term while discussing Bill Clinton’s affair with then-White House intern Monica Lewinsky. “I don’t think that’s alleged. If he’s admitted to it, you don’t have to use the word ‘alleged.’”

Trump had escalated his attacks on the Clintons Monday by accusing Bill Clinton of a “terrible record of women abuse.”

Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, criticized the real estate tycoon of his own “penchant for sexism” last week.

Trump raised eyebrows earlier this month by suggesting that Obama “schlonged” the former first lady during the 2008 Democratic presidential primary.

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