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Obama Rides Shotgun with Seinfeld

President Barack Obama is a pretty savvy and modern guy and he demonstrated that when he appeared on a recent episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

Seinfeld showed up to the White House in a 1963 Corvette Stingray, arguably a pretty awesome car in its own right.

“The coolest car ever made for the coolest guy to ever hold this office,” Seinfeld said.

Sadly, White House security didn’t allow the two to venture out into public and they were forced to brew coffee in a cafeteria in the White House.

The pair traded jokes, discussing less formal topics and providing us with a rare glimpse into the president’s personality.

The Hill reports:

Obama quips that “a pretty sizable percentage” of world leaders are completely out of their minds.
“Well, and part of what happens is these guys, I think the longer they stay in office, the more likely that is to happen,” he says. “At a certain point your feet hurt, and you’re having trouble peeing, you have absolute power.”

The president said the game politics is most comparable to is football.

“Because a lot of players, a lot of specialization, a lot of hitting, a lot of attrition, but then every once in a while, you’ll see an opening,” he says. “So you’re hitting the line, you get one yard, you try a play, you get sacked, and now it’s like third and 15, but every once in a while you’ll see a hole, and then there’s open field.”

Obama calls Teddy Roosevelt the former president who “would be the most fun to hang out with,” adding that being carved into Mt. Rushmore is the highest presidential commendation, but “that’s pretty exclusive territory.”

At the end of the interview, Obama says he is disappointed that he didn’t get to mention ObamaCare.

“Usually the only reason I do these things is because I’m promoting healthcare,” he says.

“No, I mean, if you don’t want to sully your show with the interest of getting people with no healthcare — signing up so that, you know, heaven forbid something happens to them,” he adds.

“It’s a great thing. Please try ObamaCare today,” Seinfeld says into the camera.

Photo credit: YouTube.


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