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Trump: Attacks on Bill Clinton ‘Will Come out Very Well for Us’

Donald Trump is a classic bully. He knows how to pick a target and tear into them for meaningless things.

Trump’s latest target has been former President Bill Clinton and the billionaire is convinced that his attacks will “come out very well” for him.

“We’ll see how it all comes out. I feel very confident that it will come out very well for us,” the GOP presidential front-runner said late Tuesday, according to NBC News.

Frankly, Hillary brought up the whole sexism thing and all I did was reverse it on her,” he said.

“She’s got a major problem that happens to be right at her house. So if she wants to do that, we’re going to right after the president, the ex-president.”

The Hill reports:

Asked if his past marriages were “fair game,” the thrice-married billionaire responded, “They would be.”

Trump has declared open season on Bill Clinton’s legacy, criticizing his past infidelities. Trump argued Monday that the former president has a “terrible record of women abuse.”

The feud between Trump and the Clintons has intensified in recent weeks.

Trump said Hillary Clinton “got schlonged” by then-Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) in 2008 and mocked her for arriving late on the stage during the last Democratic debate after a bathroom break.

Hillary Clinton hit back last week, saying the real estate tycoon has a “penchant for sexism” and drawing attention to critical remarks he has made toward women.


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