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Trump: I Will Veto Obama Actions on Guns

President Barack Obama promised executive action towards gun control last week, but Donald Trump has raised the stakes and suggested that he will overturn Obama’s gun control policies if he becomes the next president.

“The Second Amendment, it’s so great to me,” Trump said at a campaign rally in Biloxi, Miss.

“We’re not changing the Second Amendment.”

“I will veto that. I will unsign that so fast,” Trump said.

The Hill reports:

In his weekly address on Friday, Obama said he will be meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch “to discuss options” for reducing gun deaths in the United States.

The announcement of the meeting comes a day after reports that Obama would issue executive actions on stricter gun control after he returns from his vacation in Hawaii.

Those changes reportedly include classifying more gun sellers in high-volume dealers and stricter rules for reporting lost or stolen firearms.

Photo credit: VICE.

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