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Trump Calls Sanders ‘Pathetic’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s personal attacks are becoming more simple in nature as the candidate runs out of insults to hurl at his opponents.

Turning to Sen. Bernie Sanders, Trump called him “pathetic.”

“I remember when Bernie Sanders, when they took over his microphone. That’s not happening with Trump, folks,” he said to the crowd after repeatedly pausing to wait for security to escort out protesters.

“That’s going to be our leader? I don’t want to help Hillary, although I would rather run against Hillary. That scene where he lost control of his mic was pathetic, and this is what we have leading our country?”

The Hill reports:

He didn’t hold back repeated criticism for other rivals, panning Hillary Clinton as having no energy, Jeb Bush for his low poll numbers, GOP strategist Karl Rove, columnist George Will and even German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who beat him out for Time magazine’s person of the year.

“They didn’t even pick me for person of the year, they picked a person that allowed millions of people to come into Germany,” he said of Merkel, before going on to note Germany’s closure of subway tunnels last week ahead of a specific terror threat.

“Now did you see they had to cancel their New Year’s Eve? I could have told you that.”

Trump typically attracts protesters during his rallies but had to stop on seven separate occasions when protesters interrupted him. At one point, he chanted “U.S.A.” along with his supporters waiting for security to escort someone out.

“We have to a certain extent be a little bit ashamed because for the last eight years, we should have been doing the exact same thing,” he said of the protesters.

“Isn’t this more fun than a regular boring rally?”

Photo credit: The Blaze.

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